Junior Keely Rainville $100.00
Junior Josh Rainville  $50.00

Motorcycle/Sled Justin Prevost $1,000.00

Motorcycle/Sled Kimberly Knobel $400.00

Motorcycle/Sled Dave Leslie  $100.00

Semi-Pro  Jeff Hunter  $2,000.00

Semi-Pro  Hub Frappier $400.00

Semi-Pro Ron Lagros  $200.00

Semi-Pro  Steve Wood $100.00

Semi-Pro  Alan Siebert  $100.00

Semi-Pro  Jody Dalcourt  $50.00

Semi-Pro  Cody Newman $50.00

Semi-Pro  Mike Moran  $50.00

Semi-Pro  Gord Harling$50.00

Street Marcel Brosseau  $1,000.00

Street Mike Armstrong $400.00

Street Paul Richard  $100.00

Street Luke Emond $50.00

Street Joel Lavalee  $50.00

Super Pro Kyle Jessop  $8,000.00

Super Pro Jordan Parniak $1,000.00

Super Pro Rachel Ogilvie  $1,000.00

Super Pro  Derek Malcolm  $2,000.00

Super Pro Mike Chenier  $250.00

Super Pro Terry Miron  $250.00

Super Pro Rob Laing  $250.00

Super Pro Jamie Bridge $250.00

Super Pro Brandon Barker $125.00

Super Pro Troy Davies  $125.00

Super Pro Lewis Gagne  $125.00

Super Pro Mike Ogilivie  $125.00

Super Pro Ron Lachance $125.00

Super Pro Lewis Gagne  $125.00

Super Pro Vicki Ogilivie  $125.00

Super Pro Chris Manzo $125.00



Total:  $20,250.00


Junior  Julien Laporte  $100.00
Junior  Josh Rainville  $50.00

Motorcycle / Sled  Tristan Savoie $1,000.00

Motorcycle/Sled  Kimberly Knobel $250.00

Motorcycle/Sled  Tex Chapman $125.00

Semi-Pro  Pete Demers   $2,000.00

Semi-Pro  Arnel Laperriere  $400.00

Semi-Pro  Gord Blackwell  $200.00

Semi-Pro  Tom Trudel  $200.00

Semi-Pro  Jeff Hunter  $100.00

Semi-Pro  Frank MacKenzie  $100.00

Semi-Pro  Mike Armstrong  $100.00

Semi-Pro  Gord Harling   $100.00

Semi-Pro  Mario Trudel $50.00

Semi-Pro John Nichols  $50.00

Semi-Pro  Yvon Gour $50.00

Semi-Pro  Tina Schutt $50.00

Semi-Pro Lorne Romawko  $50.00

Semi-Pro Yvon Gour  $50.00

Semi-Pro Hub Frappier $50.00

Super Pro Dan Allard  $4,000.00

Super Pro  Troy Davies  $2,000.00

Super Pro Jordan Parniak  $500.00

Super Pro Kyle Jessop  $500.00

Super Pro Terri Miron  $250.00

Super Pro Kyle Jessop  $250.00

Super Pro Dan Zygmont  $250.00

Super Pro Doug Quinton  $250.00

Super Pro Jacque Millette $125.00

Super Pro Rob Laing  $125.00

Super Pro Doug Quinton  $125.00

Super Pro Eli Sormac $125.00

Super Pro Lewis Gagne  $125.00

Super Pro Jordan Parniak  $125.00

Super Pro Rachel Ogilivie  $125.00

Super Pro John Simeoni  $125.00


Total:  $14,075.00

Total Weekend:  $34,325.00



The Corporation of the City of Elliot Lake is pleased to announce that Northern Ontario’s longest running drag race, the North Shore Challenge, will welcome two new major sponsors for this year’s event. The Title Rights have been secured by 92.7 ROCK from Sudbury and the Presenting Rights secured by Northern Superior Brewing Co. from Sault Ste. Marie. The event is now named as the “92.7 ROCK North Shore Challenge presented by Northern Superior Brewing Co.”

Kevin Britton of 92.7 ROCK stated “92.7 ROCK is proud to be this year’s Title Rights sponsor of Northern Ontario’s most successful and longest running race event. The 92.7 ROCK North Shore Challenge is sure to be the best one yet.”

Northern Superior Brewing Co. Sales Manager, Trevor Zachary indicated that "Northern Superior Brewing Co. is very proud to be the Presenting Rights/Exclusive Pouring Rights sponsor for the North Shore Challenge Drag Race. We recognize the importance of financial and in-kind support for this community event and we're excited to share with the North - our Northern Superior Brands."

Mayor Dan Marchisella of The City of Elliot Lake stated “We love welcoming new sponsors to our drag races and we could not have scripted this better. Rock and Beer from Northern Ontario! Combined with the high entertainment value of this event it’s a winning combination.”

The North Shore Challenge, now in its 19th year, brings thrills and excitement to our community every summer while playing host to thousands of visitors and hundreds of drivers. Arnie Malcolm, the Race Promoter who runs the race throughout the weekend says “Driver’s refer to the event as Christmas in July!” This year, in addition to the three days of non-stop racing there’s the Northern Warrior Jet Car and the Wild Child Funny Car. There will be a military vehicle display, a classic car show which includes a big rig show ‘n shine, live concert with The Shed Jammers, RBC’s Community Truck, a Strong Person Demonstration and for children Science North’s “Feel the Rush” and a giant bouncy land.

William Elliott of the North Shore Cruisers, who partner with The City of Elliot Lake in putting on the event, shared “We are very excited to see long-time race supporter 92.7 ROCK acquire Title Rights to the North Shore Challenge”. He continued “We are also pleased to welcome aboard, for the first time, the Northern Superior Brewing Co.; we look forward to another hugely successful event this July”.

The event held, July 13 – 15 at the Elliot Lake Airport Dragway, also provides donations to local organizations for assisting in running the event. This in turn, helps them to continue to operate their programs. The North Shore Cruisers themselves raise funds from the event that go toward supporting their “Sick Kids Fund”. With over 100 volunteers, the North Shore Challenge is the largest event that the City of Elliot Lake presents.

Tickets are now available at the Elliot Lake Welcome Centre 1-800-661-6192. Full details of the event can be found on the website at

Kate Matuszewski
Coordinator of Arts & Culture
City of Elliot Lake
705-848-2287 Ext 2400
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join us for all the thrills and excitement of great drag racing July 13th – 15th, 2018!

Now in our 19th year, the North Shore Challenge Drag race is Northern Ontario’s most successful and longest running race event. With hundreds of drivers and thousands of spectators this event is one of the summer’s most popular events.

Mark it on your calendar today!

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