North Shore Challenge

Rules and Regulations

  • DO NOT bring dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, go carts, etc. unless it is your designated pit vehicle. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive a pit vehicle.
  • Helmet laws are in effect and will be strictly enforced by the OPP.
  • Race entries limited to one golf cart or regular quad for towing AND it must be registered with the track AT THE TIME you enter the facility with your racer. Decals will be issued.
  • A motor home towing the race car trailer, no extra charge. If you want to tow in with anything else AND bring a motor home in as well you MUST have the motor home with you when you purchase your tech card and park. A regular motor home charge will apply.
  • Any rider/driver or crew member or person in association with a rider/driver or crew member who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol or any judgment impairing substance will be expelled from the race and escorted off the premises – along with the entire crew and vehicle associated with the offender.
  • Violators endangering others with reckless and inconsiderate driving habits (whether it is in/on a race vehicle or a pit vehicle) will be expelled from the race facility with the entire crew and race vehicle without a refund.
  • Tow-vehicles and race cars in the pit area only! Saving pit spaces will not be allowed.
  • Any personal alcoholic beverages are to be kept and consumed at your own camp site. Absolutely NO BOTTLES allowed.
  • A quiet-time noise-free policy is in effect from 11 pm until 7am. No generators, no cars running, no loud music.
  • Rain-out policy: In case of a rain-out, at any time of the rain-out, the first prize money in every class will be drawn from the remaining eligible racers. In the classes of Super Pro and Semi Pro, there will be four names drawn. In the classes of Street, Motorcycles and Drag Sleds, and Junior there will be only two names drawn.
  • Quiet Hours start at 11 pm and this is strictly enforced by security and the OPP.
  • Other accommodations are available and can be found by clicking here.

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